26/27/28.06.2012 Bautzen

In the morning Kieran paid for some mobile internet and checked distances, a welcome, but confusing surprise. We worked out that if we walked 16km a day, we could meet people at Wroclaw airport a day early. Seeing as people were supposed to be meeting us at Legnica and walking with us for a week, we only needed to walk 10km a day to meet them on time.

We walked to Bautzen, seeing a van with SUPTITZ written on the side of it along the way, and found a really nice secluded camp an hours walk from the city. We walked in and saw the sites, really is a nice place, lots of spires, and also found a large bike store which sold carts like ours, maybe even wheels. We walked back to camp and decided to take a day off to charge things and check at the bike shop for parts.

The next day we spent a long time in a pizza restaurant next to a wall socket, and didn’t really do much else. Wasted a day, but fully charged some key equipment, including the laptop which we used to watch a film that night at camp.

The day afterwards, we packed up and headed to the bike shop. Unfortunately they didn’t have any parts in stock, and ordering them would take up to three weeks. We thanked them and walked on through, right up until the sunset where we camped by a fallen cherry tree.


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  1. Debby

    Damn wheels..

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