23.06.2012 Fresh socks

Woke up to a phone call from home. Ends up that Kierans parents had been busy and we now had support from a sock company! With Arjuns sister and friends coming out to see us in Poland, we could get a selection of socks brought out with them, and they offered to provide socks throughout the walk. Great news for Kieran who’s rather heavy footed.

We walked through Grossenhain stopping at the same garage for water refills where rather comically, the same woman was working from the night before. We spent a while wandering around the place, not putting much effort into finding the way out, more enjoying the place which had some really beautiful gardens.

Eventually we did, and we walked a good distance out before finding some of the best camping to date. We had finished a little early for the day, but were still well into our target, so put up the hammocks as couches for the evening and set up camp under some great shelter on flat, soft ground.



  1. Debby

    Shout out to Brasher for the extremely unexpected offer on the socks… Thank you

  2. Judy

    ….that’s the life…:)

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