22.06.2012 “The longest walk i’ve ever taken to a s**tter”

We woke up at 5am to a nice sunrise, then slept until a sensible time. Kieran made breakfast on the now confirmed wild cherries, then a little low on water and both needing a toilet, we got onto the road out.

It was a hot day, even Arjun was suffering, and it seemed that we’d found our first road in Germany not to have a single shop or garage along it’s length. In desperation to find water we made it to Grossenhain, 30km away. There we set up camp about 4km away, walked in and greatly annoyed an employee by asking her to refill our water bottles. Eventually she started putting hot water in them.

On the walk back, Arjun found a decent if little large pair of sunglasses on the side of the road. Gave them a medical clean at camp before putting them anywhere near his face. That night we got the laptop out and watched ‘In the loop’.



  1. Debby

    Keep the water coming !

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