20.06.2012 Horses

We awoke to news from home that though yesterdays bike shop owner gave us an amazing offer, it was unnecessary, and cheaper to send parts from the UK. The sun was out and so we headed to Wurzen, stopping at a field of horses on the way for Kieran to feed them pretzel sticks, and then carried on past Wurzen through nearly to Luppa.

Germany had really began to flatten out at this point and we were making good distances, even with our slower pace due to the revised distances. We found some spacious woodland with large trees and in the heat of the afternoon decided we’d try to hammock. We hadn’t hammocked since a night in England which ended with us clambering into our bivys in the early hours of the morning due to cold, but the days were much hotter now and we were really enjoying the comfort of being off the floor. Still we set up a tarp roof just in case.

In hindsight, it was rather predictable, but as the sun set the rain began and the wind kicked up, and though we tried to hold out, at around 3am we clambered into our bivys and tried to salvage some sleep.


  1. Debby

    Lovely horses, shame you couldn’t borrow two of them, and this would not have been cheating as it would still have been by foot..

  2. Judy

    ..that’s what you need boys, a couple of pack horses…! :)

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