19.06.2012 A really helpful bike shop owner

We woke a little confused and walked into Leipzig, which though riddled with abandoned buildings, has a really nice city centre, where we stopped to charge equipment and relax for a bit whilst watching a drunk man shout insults at passers by. We got onto the phones back home and worked out a revised daily distance requirement. We’d dragged it down even further than we thought, 14km a day.

We walked to Borsdorf that afternoon, and stopped at a closed bicycle shop to look at the obscure inner tube valve types. As we were looking, the owner drove past and opened up shop for us, so we tried to see if he could get us some spare wheels. Though he couldn’t, the guy was an incredible help, offering to let us stay at his for a few days whilst he and his friend who owned a small workshop rebuilt our carts almost from scratch to run 18 inch wheels, which he told us would be stronger and easier to get parts for. We needed to consider his offer, so stopped just outside the village and went to watch the football and ring home again.

That night as we were camping, a thunderstorm broke out, which though we managed to avoid the worst of due to a heavily sheltered camp, we still got soaked from.


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