18.06.2012 A game of leapfrog

We woke up and packed up, and on our way out of the woods a very drunk man in denim hot pants stopped as he cycled past us and tried to communicate. We had no idea what he was saying or even meant to say, all we could gather was that he may have been hit by a car.

We left the woods, and 10mins into walking a guy with rucksack covered in camping gear came out from under a bridge just in front of us and walked ahead. A while later he stopped at a bus stop and we passed him. After that we stopped at a shop and he passed us. This happened all day, we leapfrogged at least eight times, never stopping to speak to each other, until we came across a canal path which we decided to follow instead just to break the awkwardness.

We made it to Leipzig, which like Nordhausen was full of abandoned buildings and looked very run down on first impressions. We again found some deep woodland, and were again subject to a light show of fireflies and a soundtrack of rampant beasts, this time though we both were awake to hear.



  1. Debby

    Did you get any pics of the fireflies??

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