17.06.2012 Fireflies and screams

Rain in the night, but woke up to brilliant sunshine, so dried all our things. Walked to Bad Lauchstadt where a inquisitive old man came over and informed us that Leipzig was 30km away. We aimed to reach it.

We made it to Merseberg, and Arjun got a phone call from home. We got distances from where we were to Wroclaw and calculated that we had dragged our daily required walking distance down from 24km to 19km, and so in the blistering heat and with Kierans feet feeling a bit tender, we decided to call an early day. We camped deep into woodland just outside and decided to cook, but unfortunately won the attention of someone who called the firefighters out on us. They walked over laughing, obviously seeing the funny side, but told us to put out the fire anyway. We ate cold gulash and semi-cooked rice.

That night, the woods were lit up all around us by bright green fireflies, creating a really creepy feeling which was compounded by Arjun hearing some kind of animal screaming and crashing through the woods in the night.

One comment

  1. Debby

    Oooooo noises in the night…. scary

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