16.06.2012 Lights in the sky

Woke up in the wet, with Arjun discovering ants had nested in his rucksack. We decided to take the road despite the diversions, as there were places and roads on the way we could change onto were we not able to walk. On the way out, Allstedt looked nice, with a large park, lakes, outdoor public pools, etc, we were glad we’d stayed to see the place in the daylight.

Most of the way along the apparently closed road, we detoured a short distance around the roadworks and into Querfurt. With not much to see we walked through and out, where Kierans tyre finally gave way, unfortunately taking the inner tube with it. Not disheartened, we replaced the parts and then went to inflate it all. Ends up there are more than two types of valve in Europe, and the particular valve we had on the spare inner tubes was one which our Universal pump couldn’t pump…

We tried bodging it for ages, asking random passers by and cyclists, all to no avail. Eventually, Arjun decided to walk back into town in the hopes of finding someone that could help. To his surprise, he did, though the kind man broke his pump in the process just after getting a decent amount of air into the tyre (sorry!).

Kieran replaced the other tyre for fear of a repeat problem, and we walked out until the early evening, finding a great secluded camp next to a massive array of wind turbines which flashed eerie red lights in the sky at night.


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