15.06.2012 Detours for pedestrians?

Woke up to hot sun and feeling good, so packed up and headed to Sangerhausen.

After noticing quite a few German flags, in a, “That’s it, pass me my sword” kind of way, Kieran got out his England flag. We both hung them off our bags and made our way through Sangerhausen and on to Allstedt, where a waiter at Castello Italiya informed us the football started at 6pm. A little panicked, Arjun went to find an ATM and we stopped and chatted with the staff for a while. Ends up England didn’t play until the usual later game, but we ordered pizza, enjoyed both games and chatted with staff for the night (they gave us free cake!).

It was dark when we left, and the road to Querfurt was closed for unknown reasons. A very drunk old lady approached us and tried to send us the detour way, but after shaking her off we decided to set up camp and assess the situation the next day.



  1. Debby

    Lovely happy relaxed faces i see…

  2. Judy

    …yeah..but we can still see your smile…:)

  3. Gosh Your beard… :D

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