14.06.2012 Nordhausen

We woke to rain and snails, and made the short distance to Nordhausen. There were many abandoned buildings on the way in and we weren’t holding up hopes for an internet cafe. All we saw were gambling places and car repair shops, so we pretty much walked straight through, stopping a couple of times to chat with people on the way out.

We stopped at a small village and bought juice, then a downpour began. We walked to another small village and bought cake, and then the rain stopped.

We kept on going, stopping for a bit to chat with a runner, then found a nice place to camp. Unfortunately, a man came over who didn’t speak any English and seemed to be telling us we had to move on. It was getting dark fast and there weren’t any places we could find, it was fast looking like our first borderwalk night without a sleep.

Luckily we managed to find a quite long tarmacked farm road which led into fields, and though it wasn’t perfect, we hastily built a cosy camp just off it in the dusk. We ate our cake.


One comment

  1. Amazing! You both are great Team ;)

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