11.06.2012 The Iron Curtain and the lovely town of Uder

Made it to the bike shop where they only had thin 16 inch tyres. Told that they would work fine, we bought a set of spares for Arjun and a couple of inner tubes and then found a cycle trail.

We crossed the old Iron Curtain.

That evening we stopped in Uder, where we found a quiet sports bar and went in to watch the England France game. By half time, we were chatting to nearly everyone in the place, enjoying German sausage and gherkin sandwiches from a local butcher and being interviewed for a local online paper. Missed most of the second half just chatting with people, all nice guys and a really good evening.

After dark we eventually left, and walked not far out of town to a field where we started setting up camp in the rain. A van pulled up and two guys came over, having mistaken us for a friend who owned the field. After a short chat they offered us to stay around theirs instead, offering food and a shower, but as we’d already set up and they lived a couple of km away, we declined and suffered the rain.



  1. Debby

    Glad that the locals are friendly

  2. Judy

    …..crossed a huge piece of history boys…and football and good conversation, what could be better :)

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