Kassel 08.06.2012

We both got up and ready early, eager to get under a roof, and made the walk into Kassel on still injured feet two hours before check in. We productively showered and found a buffet in the city, then feeling quite sick, retired back to the hostel.

Fortunately the place had a large games room which was unused, so we thoroughly went over our gear, dried everything, and set up plans for meeting people in Poland.


*On a side note, we apologise for the shortage of images over these last few posts, and for the time it’s taken us to get them online. With all the rain it’s been extremely difficult getting the gear out and Germany has literally no free wi-fi. We are still filming though, and will hopefully have some time given our progress to make a couple of good videos by Poland! We are still alive, you can check our progress on our twitter, and donate on our website.


One comment

  1. Judy

    …you have resilience a plenty boys, taking the rough with the smooth……..and things can only get better….your posts are brilliant, I look forward to them, and the pics………great stuff

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