No rest yet 07.06.2012

We woke up to rain (can you see the recurring pattern yet?).

Making the mistake of assuming it would be an easy day given our progress the day before, we stopped at a garage in Ehlen for cake and crisps, then found ourselves at the bottom of a deceivingly large hill. It took Kieran a bit of while to get into the walking mood, but by half 3 in the afternoon we had made it to the edge of Kassel. Kind of shell shocked (we had never finished so early before), we sat around, went over our gear, and then panicked and walked into the city.

The walk ended up being a bit longer than expected, and without the heavy backpacks Arjuns feet got caught out and developed blisters. Quite painful ones. We saw some sights, found a hostel, booked ourselves in for the next night and then stumbled back out of the city before dark. The camp, although very nicely placed off the road and under dense trees, wasn’t the most comfortable night for Kieran, who due to extremely uneven ground got no sleep.


One comment

  1. Judy

    very proud…

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