Making time 05.06.2012

We were tired, wet, and behind on distance.

Arjun spent 10mins with the medikit, and we walked to the bottom of the Winterberg hill where we freshened up in a tourist information. A kind lady working there had seen us in Winterberg the previous day and offered us a monetary donation, we directed her to the website, then gritted our teeth and marched.

There were some big hills up out of the valleys and signs to Korbach telling us we wouldn’t make it there that day. We paid them no heed.

After 30km and still with a couple of hours of light left, we made it to Korbach. Kieran hadn’t had any food, but risked it for a biscuit hoping for a shop at Korbach. He got his biscuit. We went to the hostel wondering if we could talk them into letting us stay a night for free, but they were fully booked, so we got directions to our next destination, and surprisingly unfazed, made it a short way out of the town where we set up a nice camp on some soft (wet), grass.


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