Winterberg 04.06.2012

We woke up to it still raining, which wasn’t too big an issue since everything was wet anyway, and at the bottom of a very, very large hill. Arjuns feet were a bit better after a good nights sleep however, and we’d got pretty used to just dealing with these situations, so we packed up and walked.

It was difficult, admittedly, but we got to Winterberg by midday and made an enjoyable mistake. When we got to the top of the hill, there were ski slopes and outdoor activity centres everywhere, and we incorrectly assumed that was all Winterberg was, so having had no breakfast we stopped in a pub and bought schnitzels. No idea what they were, but they were amazing, and came with a full plate of chips, side salad, sauce, the lot. Then we made it into town.

The place was like a winter wonderland, full of bars, outdoors shops (all a bit expensive), and lavish architecture. We spent a while walking around, found a shop where we restocked on food, and then realised the time. We had only made about 10km, and though it was all uphill, we still had another 14km to cover at least before the days end, so, as the rain picked up, we got about 2km out of town and quit.

We were wet, Arjuns feet were hurting again, Kierans feet had started to hurt, and we were sick of the rain. We stopped under some dense trees hoping for some cover, and Kieran managed to somehow get a fire going, but with the rain nothing could be cooked or dried and so we gave up, climbed into our now soaked bivys and tried to get some rest.


One comment

  1. Debby

    Schnitzels: meat wrapped in batter, could be pork, chicken or turkey. Sometimes the meat is wrapped in ham then coated. A must try if you are in Germany. You also get your meat intake by eating these..
    Weather should start to get a bit better for you now, showers on the way…

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