Flipping coins 01.06.2012

We hadn’t had much sleep (if any), it was still raining, and we were at the bottom of a lot of large hills. Not the best morning.

We got onto a cycle road and decided to reach Olpe by the evening. It didn’t start off too well. We thought we’d lost the cycle path, so, through the flipping a coin, we decided to follow a dirt track through the woods hoping it was a shorter route. It kind of paid off, we walked through some pretty incredible scenery and came across a road to Bleche, not too far off the road we needed to get onto. We made it through to Drolschagen, where a kind man who saw us counting change gave us a few euros, and it also stopped raining (finally!).

We rediscovered the cycle route and a sign to Olpe. Unfortunately the cycle route ended at a building site, which through the flipping of a coin, we decided to climb through rather than follow the diversion signs. Again, it kind of paid off, and although it was a scenic route, we found the outskirts of Olpe and a great camp.

Under a pine forest Kieran made a crackly but effective fire, Arjun made some rather sharp stakes and spears, and we found a friend in Steven, who gave us protection in the night and a bit of luck with the weather. Albeit a bit of a sinister atmosphere…



  1. Judy

    ….take care boys…….

  2. Debby


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