Knoblaunch sauce 31.05.2012

After a good nights sleep and in good spirits, we made it through the rain and cold all the way to Gummersbach, a really nice little town way up at the top of some very large hills. We met a backpacker who’d recently travelled Australia (hey Christian!), who sat down and got a photo with us and then helped us with directions out of town.

The walk out of town was long, winding all the way back down into the valleys and through some large industrial estates. We stopped by a shop on the way and bought some crisps and Knoblaunch sauce, then gave up on an easy night and through the continuous rain (hadn’t stopped all day) got to Dershlag, where we hastily set up camp next to a stream a way off the road and settled down to a miserable night in lumpy wet beds.



  1. Christian Teichelmann

    Hey Arjun, hey Kieran :) Good luck on your way through rainy Germany. Weather should be better the next days! Fingers crossed!:)

  2. Debby

    oh, nature it a great thing

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