Köln 27/28.05.2012

We made it, a day late but we made it. We thought we’d stopped quite close to the city but our morning walk went into the early afternoon, and we didn’t make it into the centre until about 2pm.

As much as we wanted to see the city, we had work to do, so we set up base in a hostel and spent the evening on the laptop, editing videos and going over emails.

The next day we were going to finish up and have a walk around the sights, all we needed was internet for a couple of hours and we’d be done. Ends up, Germany isn’t big on wi-fi. We started off with the obvious places, all the American restaurants, coffee shops etc, then we tried asking in posh bars, then we moved on to hotels, none of them had or knew of anywhere that had wi-fi except a single internet cafe which was closed during the day. We didn’t get to see any sights, we didn’t get to enjoy the city, but we did see a really cute dog!

In the late afternoon the internet cafe was open, and we spent the rest of the day and a lot of the evening sat on a slow connection uploading media and sending emails. We were hungry, tired, shocked at the wi-fi situation in our first major German city, and a bit frustrated that we hadn’t had time to see the place because of something so trivial.

We got back to the hostel late, picked up a kebab on the way home as it was the only thing cheaper than 7euros and got an early night.


  1. Bonnie Newman (@bonnienewman)

    awwwwww X-) so sweet ! so small and fluffy !! Want one !!

  2. Judy

    ..yep, very cute….

  3. Debby

    Oh how lovely, I want one…..

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