A stranger in the night 29.05.2012

We woke up and decided to get a photo of us outside Cologne Cathedral, without knowing that the building was undergoing quite a bit of work. A bit disappointed, we then struggled to find our way out of the city, but did cross the train bridge where there are thousands of ‘couple padlocks’. Eventually we did get onto the right road, and walked out of Cologne a short distance into dense woodland. Feeling quite cavalier, we set up camp early and did some promotional photography, then settled down with a fire for an early night.

During the night, Arjun awoke to see what he thought was Kieran walking around camp. The next morning when questioned what he was doing, Kieran remarked that he had been asleep all night…


One comment

  1. Debby

    take heed boys… the middle picture says it all…….

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