Middle-earth industries 25.05.2012

Sticking to the cycle route we came across a huge amount of dense and beautiful forestry, which after a while opened up into what looked like vast desert. We GPS’d to scare our parents a little and continued. The carts were really beginning to show their worth as the landscape started to get hilly. Kieran was starting to get used to the heat.

A way down the road, a fence opened up to expose what was on the other side of the desert, a vast site where stadium sized machines were literally carving up the beautiful landscape. It was kind of scary, and hugely intimidating. We talked about camping there, but it was early afternoon and we had to make it to Cologne, so we took what photos we could and moved on.

We did make good distance though, reaching Elsdorf, where a kind man came over to us as we were checking our map, directed us to a cycle route which would take us to Cologne and even offered to buy us a beer. That evening we stopped relatively early just out of town, set up camp and took a stroll back around Elsdorf, where we found a garage selling cans of beer for forty cents and cheap sweets, which we enjoyed under a clear night sky. We would discover that a clear night sky means something different in the morning though…



  1. Jagtar

    Hi Guys, looking good…. Cool pics.

  2. Debby

    A shave will cool you down… you know it and I know it…. you have 3 years to grow a long beard….. start in the Autumn and grow it through the winter to keep warm !!!! xx Lovely pictures, it looks breathtaking

  3. Judy

    ..the suspense is killing me….what do you mean, means something different..tell all

  4. Kieran-Your beard… Must to be really hot now :P

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