A warm welcome 24.05.2012

The weather was even hotter, we had been going slower than expected and had no idea which direction to walk. But we were in Germany.

We went to the nearest services and asked a man working if he spoke English, he said no, so Kieran pulled out a map, pointed to Merkstein, and then in perfect English he replied with a full set of comprehensive directions. At Merkstein Arjun asked directions in a cafe, got into a chat and was given two bottles of water, whilst Kieran got into a chat with a stranger sat outside. Just outside Merkstein Kieran asked directions in a Butchers, again got into a conversation and was given a bag of sausages and some apples. People in Germany are really nice!

The butcher directed us out of town to a cycle trail that went to Elsdorf and we rejoiced. No more getting lost, overhanging trees providing almost constant shade and one long, direct route to where we wanted to go. We ate well and walked far, finishing next to a river and not far from a shop just as the light began to dim.



  1. Judy

    ..fantastic people meeting fantastic people…ain’t the world a glorious place

  2. Fantastic people. Amazing that You guys doing this. That’s why people love You, because You really do amazing thing now. Every person You meet-is with You now guys. Including us 3. Bergman Family :)

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