Mark 3.2 23.05.2012

Today we were determined. Today we were getting into Germany. Today good things happened.

As we were walking we came across a DIY store and decided to stop and have a look in, our carts were significantly better than before but still needed some upgrades. We couldn’t find what we wanted, but were directed to a garage over the road with what turned out to be some really lovely guys working there. We explained what we were doing and what we needed doing and they were happy to help, getting out the drills and hack saws and fashioning longer, fixed handles to our carts. DJ and Sarah Mark 3.2.

And so with even better carts, we tried to grind out the last few miles. We were close to not making it, stopping early in the evening feeling exhausted, but, with Kieran not enjoying the midday sun and wanting to make up as much distance as possible whilst it was cooler, and Arjun conceding that it was a good idea, we kept on until we were lost in Kerkrade. We tried to find wi-fi but had to give up as we were getting to the outskirts, so we simply asked for directions. Quite surprised ourselves, we were told that we had made it into Germany.

Didn’t pass a single signpost.



  1. Judy

    ..thank-you really lovely guys in the garage……

  2. That should feel so weird-that You don’t know where You are and where to go. Crazy. Following You guys. All the best! Bless You!

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