Bubble tea 22.05.2012

Pia woke us up as she was leaving for work, so we said our goodbyes, left her a goodbye photo on her computer, packed up DJ and Sarah Mach 3.1 (we had converted the handles using parts from the Mach 2’s) and headed out of Maastricht. The weather was good, a little too good for Kieran, who having lived in Wales most of his life isn’t used to the heat.

Our goal was to hit the German border, and we ended up missing that mark by quite a distance. We had started a little later than planned, been a little lazy (expecting it to be easy), and also got lost a couple of times. We stopped in a really strange place called Bubble T-Bar in Gulpen (hey Lindsey!), where we tried bubble drinks which are hard to describe. It’s like a normal drink (milkshake, tea or whatever), with fruit flavouring, and little squishy balls filled with fruit juice floating around in it which pop as you drink, kind of…

Anyway, they were delicious, and we got onto some wi-fi (almost impossible to find), found our way out and continued until dusk. As we were finishing up our day and having a water break by the side of the road, a guy on a bike pulled up (hey Rob!), got out a small speaker system and sat down for a chat. Ends up he cycled regularly between Aachen and Maastricht and knows of loads of cool ‘off the tourist trail’ places which we didn’t get the opportunity to visit! We exchanged email addresses and hopefully once we’ve finished we can come back and see them.


One comment

  1. Judy

    yeah, always try and see the cool places…if your schedule allows it

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