Committing carbicide in Maastricht

We arrived on saturday (12.05.2012) and met up with our host, who took us around with a housemate and gave us a tour of the city (hey Chris and Simon!). We saw an explicit bike which we can’t post on here, found a good cheap pizza place and discussed fixing our carts once and for all. We had visions of grandeur, with whole new axles, proper bicycle wheels, the whole thing.

On the monday we went out to build. We visited three hardware stores, a Dutch version of Halfords and two bike stores. We came back with nothing. Literally not a thing.

We spent the evening discussing alternatives and eventually settled on the only real option, and after phoning up our families and a bicycle trailer company, we had ordered two properly designed trailers (funded by ourselves) to be delivered to our couchsurfing hosts address. They would arrive in four to five days.

With having so long to wait, we found a host for the week (hey Pia!) who looked after us well, and we spent our days finding things to do. We played Secret Santa, hand washed our clothes, took photos, watched tv, Pia took us to her workplace, The Highlander bar, where we enjoyed a pint for the first time since the UK and sat chatting with the owner, who very kindly offered to promote us in the pub. It was all very nice!

But we wanted to get back on the road, and by saturday we were starting to get excited about our new carts. They didn’t arrive.

Pia was lovely enough to let us stay another couple of nights, so we spent the weekend cooking for her, meeting some more people, watching films, walking around the streets, just trying to save money.

On monday we got a text from Simon, our carts had finally arrived! We put them together, checked the specs, went to a bicycle shop to get spares, expertly fixed handles to them with a hammer and then packed them up ready to go on tuesday (22.05.2012).

We’ve spent a long time in Maastricht, and though we’re happy to be able to get back on the road, we will miss the place, and especially the people. Thanks to everyone we’ve met, you’ve made our short (or not so short) time in Holland really enjoyable!



  1. I agree, great photos :) – seems you’ve found some caring people along the way so far – hope you keep bumping into mutually kind hearts

  2. Charl

    Fab pics! x

  3. Debby

    looks like your mishap with the carts has allowed you to meet lots of really nice people, some will be friends for life. again another set of great pics.

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