Vitamins take us the distance 11.05.2012

We had been given a lift back to the plantation with a full breakfast, and as we were heading off the son came down to say hello. He said we could stay for a while due to the bad weather but we had to decline, we were way behind on distance and needed to make it to Maastricht. Arjuns cart, now a sack truck, held up all day, Kieran patched up a third wheel with duck tape which also held up, and we made it through Sint Truiden, Borgloon and out to the other side of Tongeren by dusk. One big march.

On the way we stopped in a health shop to fill up with water, and as we were leaving a man working there came out with a bag of various fruits for us! Then as were walking into Tongeren, a lady and her daughter stopped us at the side of the road saying they’d cycled past us earlier in the day and were impressed with our distance, and asked about what we doing and everything, were really smiley!

We’d accomplished our goal though, and were now about 8miles off Maastricht. We set up camp hastily and slept early. Arjun got blisters.


One comment

  1. Debby

    Eat right and all will be fine… Cant get over the generosity of the people that you are meeting… You are soooo lucky

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