Sloe gin 10.05.2012

The weather wasn’t great, but it wasn’t raining! We had sorted out a host for Maastricht and needed to make up the miles to get there, so we set off early and at good pace. It didn’t last.

Early on we had to stop and do something about Arjuns completely flat tyre. We took it apart and filled it the best we could with leaves and grass, to little effect, then continued.

We were a half hour out of Tienen and Arjun stopped us. He had gone to check his phone, then slowly come to the realisation that it had been left behind somewhere. Kieran wrote him a little song on the harmonica whilst he walked the hour long round trip back, and amazingly came back with it!

A little further down the road our work on Arjuns tyre proved a catastrophe as the entire thing fell apart. We smiled, unpacked a spare tyre and went to replace it. The situation then became an actual catastrophe. The wheels we had bought were too big, completely unable to be fixed to Kierans cart and rubbing all down one side of an axle on Arjuns.

After sitting in despair for a few minutes, we assessed the situation and took control. We took apart the handle and front wheel base of Arjuns cart and modified it into a sack truck, then sat down for one of the beers we’d been given from Christophe that morning. The day had been hard, but we were laughing in the face of everything and ready to try again.

Before we had packed up, a woman cycled up to us and stopped to talk. She told us that her son owned a plantation not far away which had an open shelter where we could camp, and before we could consider declining (needed to make up some miles), she explained that the weather forecast for the evening was rain and storms. We took her up on the offer. Her and her partner (hey guys!) met us at the plantation and said that we could leave our things there and get a lift back to their house for a shower and meal before camping the night. We accepted, and enjoyed a complete meal with full range of alcoholic beverages including home brewed sloe gin, and sat up discussing all sorts of topics for the night, learned a lot!



  1. Debby

    Great, so pleased that you are meeting these lovely, kind hearted people along the way. Keep going…..

  2. Fantastic Guys. Keep optimistic and don’t loose Your sense of Humor ;) Keep it up! ;)

  3. Judy

    Brilliant reporting, nice pic, good to see the folks who are helping you on your way….shame about the trucks though….

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