How do you explain crumpets? 09.05.2012

Woke up to cloudy weather, and walked for most of the day in rain. We walked through a really nice place called Leuven, stopped in a bus shelter for a few minutes whilst it continued to rain and people watched, then gave up on it stopping raining and tried to get to Tienen.

Then something happened. We were walking along a road lined with industrial stores, and a car pulled over. As we walked up, a man got out. We said hello, and would have continued past had he not stopped us and inquired about what we were doing. He then quickly offered to let us camp in his garden, and though it was still a little early, it was raining and he seemed genuine, so we said yes.

Turned out to be a great guy, and we met his partner who was equally lovely (hey Christophe and Leen!) and his kids (who were a little shy, hey guys!). They offered us great food and to stay in their spare bedroom, then Christophe introduced us to some really good Belgian beers and we stayed up till late chatting. Ends up it’s really hard to explain what a crumpet is…

That morning they sent us off with a hearty breakfast and a couple of the Trappist beers we were drinking the night before, such a nice family!



  1. Christophe en Leen

    It was a fun evening for us too. Good luck and we will follow yours adventures.

  2. Debby

    With fantastic hosts and good food what more can you ask

  3. Charl

    Glad things are going ok so far you two! :)

  4. Judy are so lucky with the super people you are meeting, but they will be sensing something genuine and inherently good in you and like does attracts like….thanks for the brilliant posts, they enable me to picture what it’s like for you…

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