New shoes for DJ and Sarah 07/08.05.2012

We spent the morning going around Brussels checking out bike shops and hardware shops to find replacement tyres for our carts, then until 3am the next morning sat in the social area editing footage. We were there for so long that a few times other people in the hostel approached us asking us if we wanted to go out and see the city, we guessed out of pity. We did move once! We put our clothes in to be washed and dried.

The next morning we were taking the wheels off the carts to put on the new ones, but before we got that far, we decided to duck tape up the old ones and run them into the ground first, get as much life out of them as possible. We set off a bit late, but made decent progress, walked until it started to get dark and set up camp with a view of the sunset.


One comment

  1. Judy

    …camp with a view of the sunset…wow

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