A day in Brussels 06.05.2012

Today we were tourists. We got a decent map made by locals and toured almost every place on it, saw most of what is actually a pretty amazing city, then settled down in the evening in a Delirium Bar with an Irishman, an Aussie and a two litre boot of beer (thanks for loaning us the glass deposit!). Shared some stories, had a laugh and got some scary advice about Australia. Arjun doesn’t like snakes.



  1. Hi lads,
    It’s Pete here (the aussie, not the irishman). Thanks for not dropping the glasses. That money came in handy once in Amsterdam ; ) . Hope you’re faring well. Will post a pic of the glass on Facebook for you. Good luck on your exploits. Oh and I forgot to mention. Its not the snakes, spiders or crocodiles you need to worry about down under. Its the backpacker murderers.

    • arjun has just added another line to his list of things that scare him! thanks for loaning us the means to get the drinks, was appreciated, and hope you’ve enjoyed your travels (guessing amsterdam was fun!)

  2. Anne Walker.

    Hi Arjun Well done guys ,keep it up! Arjun ,I’ll ask Beth to give you her advice about Oz…… she was there for 9 months altogether.She loved it! Take care, Anne.

  3. Jagtar

    Hey guys, don’t worry, when you are hungry snakes, crock and spiders they all taste like chicken…..

  4. Judy

    …..all advice is helpful…or would you rather not know what to expect, ha ! Something to look forward to….eventually! Glad you made the most of your day off…great pics.

  5. Debby

    ha ha ha….. dont forget the spiders, crocs etc………

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