People on two and we lose three of eight 04.05.2012

It all started off so nice, and to be honest, stayed that way for most of the day.

The sun was out, our stuff was beginning to dry, we didn’t get lost and so we made good progress. Such good progress that we decided to stop at a pub for a quart as we refilled our water bottles. A couple of cyclists also pulled up speaking English, and so we got into talking (hey Jez and Connor!). They were doing a charity cycle for Help For Heros, and had friends who did similar things, including one friend, Austin Vince, who has motorcycled around the world. Twice.

They bought us a round, told us some great stories and were kind enough to try getting us some exposure at Vinces Adventure Travel Film Festival. Really nice guys and we wish them all the best with their ride!

After that though, things slowly began to fall apart, literally.
About an hour down the road the sky began getting dark, Arjun lost a tyre, Kieran wore entirely through his punctured one, then got another puncture, then Arjun got a puncture, we ran out of light and could find nowhere better to camp than behind a shower store, and then it rained.


One comment

  1. Debby

    Good luck to Jez and Connor, are they going back to St Helens by any chance????
    Loads of luck to you two, keep smiling…..

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