The farmer is away 03.05.2012

Today we walked mostly country roads, up some very large hills, and we got a bit lost. We found a cycle track back to Brakel and there we stopped at a Lidl for some sandwich making supplies before carrying on until the sky darkened. We also got smell of ourselves, which wasn’t great given the awful weather.

We stopped in an unused field off the road and sat down to dinner. Quite far at the end was a house, and as we were eating a man came out to watch us. Thinking it the right thing to do, Arjun went to explain the situation and ask permission to camp. Ends up the field was owned by a Church a couple of kms away, and the farmer that used it was on holiday. He didn’t mind us camping, but after explaining what we were doing he told his wife and daughters who all came out to have a chat. They offered to charge some of our electronics and then later on gave us some food (thanks Erwin, Kristine, Ilona and Sarah)!

That night we were woken up every time a large truck drove along the road, as the entire ground shaked. Next morning, as Arjun picked up what they offered to charge for us, it was only the elder daughter at home, but the younger one had wrote us a letter and the family had all wrote us a postcard, was really lovely!



  1. kristine

    greatings from mum Kristine from Ophasselt-Belgium. Hope you are doing fine and you two are in good health. The whole family checks your site regulary ! Next time passing Ophasselt you are welcome to sleep-over in our house so the trucks will not wake you up ! ;-)

  2. Judy

    Aren’t there some really lovely people in this world? I’m so pleased you are meeting some, makes up for a lot :))

  3. Jeni

    aw how lovely is that! Shame about the sleep but sounds like you’re having a great time over all! :D

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