Is there still a hosepipe ban in London? 01/02.05.2012

We left Kortrijk after our night in the hostel and instantly ran into a problem with finding wi-fi. We ended up being directed to a very posh hotel with set menus starting from 75 euros, and were provided with a table (outside) with bread, pâté and menus. Feeling kind of bad, we ordered two quarts and kept quiet, then left and walked until it got dark.

The next day started off better, with some sunshine and good roads all the way to Oudenaarde. Once there we found a bar lady who let us sit outside and use wi-fi without needing to order drinks, and as we got the laptop out the sky opened. Luckily we were under a table umbrella, but the rain was horrendous, bad enough to force us to sit down for nearly an hour hoping it would relent a little. It didn’t. Unfortunately for Kieran, earlier in the day he had discovered that his waterproof coat isn’t all that waterproof, so he put on his arctic jacket. Unfortunately again for Kieran, the way out of Oudenaarde was a long, steep hill, and though it was raining, it was still quite warm. We made it to the hill top and camped just off Rogier van Brakelstraat.



  1. Judy

    So great hearing about your journey…just got the last 4 days in one go so am having a nice read…keep smiling boys.

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