Not enough kindling, too much log 29.04.2012

Last night we looked at our carts, Arjun had lost all the bearings in a wheel and Kieran had burst one of his tyres.

A bit downhearted, the next morning we woke up SAS style, packed up camp within half an hour and got on the road to Kortrijk. We hadn’t made it that far the previous day as we’d set off late, but we were determined to make it most if not all the way today.

We stopped only once at a garage, where a lady working there was really lovely and bought us two litres of water (no drinkable tap water) and gave us directions. It was sunny all day, and with the headphones in we walked until we saw signs saying Kortrijk 2km, at which point a couple of policemen pulled over, asked where we were going and then offered us a lift (they’re just all soo pleasant!).

We declined, explained the walk, and then found a decent spot to camp way off the road. Kieran got a bit excited with making fire.



  1. Applause to Kieran :D I love fire too :D :D :D well done guys

  2. Jagtar

    Looks great….. Bringing back all the memories. Don’t set trees on fire

  3. Debby

    fantastic fire boys…….. could feel the heat from here XX

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