Five minutes from three days early 27.04.2012

We woke up, packed up, and walked five minutes down the road before we saw the Belgium border, and five minutes two seconds from the first pub we’d seen outside the UK. The sun shone all day, we saw people walking around, shops were all open, there were cycle lanes along every road, everyone we met spoke perfect English and were friendly and helpful; in one morning we’d suddenly fallen in love with Belgium.

We got stopped by the police (called Politie), who checked our passports and had a chat. About an hour later we got stopped by another policeman who explained that he was also a journalist, and he took our photo, chatted for a bit, shook our hands and wished us luck. As we were leaving Poperinge (very nice town) we were stopped by another policeman who had heard about us and wanted to say hello. The police in Belgium are really nice people!



  1. Bless You guys. You are lovely people and so everyone can see that. I like Anne comment about Water aid and Rain :D good one huh? So-wish You luck and we keep posting about YOu on FB and other sites so people support You-we do! Greetings from all of us! ;)

  2. Anne Walker.

    Hi Arjun Anne (formerly Penshop ) here. Have been following your progress with interest .Sorry you’ve had so much rain! Must apologise as my friends and me prayed for rain cus of the drought! So you can blame me ,BUT you are walking FOR Water Aid ! We only prayed for rain in UK so you should be ok from now on.Hope you get this as I’m still a bit new to techie stuff! take care, God bless ,Anne.

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