Do people drink in Bergues? 25.04.2012

We left our unexpected hosts house feeling refreshed, and made our way through Bourbourg and on to Bergues. We made it in such good time that we were able to find a campsite just outside the town walls, set up our tarp and take a walk back into town to find somewhere for a drink and a bit of wi-fi. We walked around the entire town, twice, and the only places we could find were cafes which served drinks with food only, and no wi-fi.

Kieran found an interesting statue in the chapel grounds, we met a Dutch couple and an Australian man in the the campsite, and we stopped for a massive kebab served to us by a guy who had a cousin working in Cardiffs chippy lane. Small world.



  1. R&L

    It was great to have met you. Wishing you well, sunshine and lots of nice and interesting people to meet. we’ll follow your progress. Louise and Rinus, the Dutch couple

  2. Debby

    Great pic Kieran, so pleased to report that your heart is NOT made of stone

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