Queer lodgings 24.04.2012

It rained all day, we struggled with directions and the trollys began to hurt. We gave up early in a bus shelter and made some food, wondering how far away a decent camp spot or even hostel was. As we were boiling up some rice, a French couple from around the corner came down and gave us hot soup, bread and jam. We were stunned, so grateful and desperately tried to break down the language barrier and express our gratitude. After they’d left us, we sat in shock for about 5mins, not even eating the food, and then they came back with their Scottish neighbour as translator. He explained that they were also offering us a place to stay in their house, that we could shower, have a room each and then leave when we liked the next day. Flabbergasted, we explained that they’d been more than helpful enough, but they wouldn’t take no for an answer and so we spent the night drinking wine and eating cheese with them (hello Marc and Mado!) and their Scottish friend (hello Douglas!) for translator.


One comment

  1. kamla

    O yes, wine and cheese, fantastic.

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