Hastings 17.04.2012

Camped out the night before next to a wall on a warm evening, woke up to torrential rain. Was horrible, and lasted until way into the afternoon as we approached Hastings.

Hastings itself was really nice, some fantastic views along the coast and loads of nice people. Except we did find some false teeth along the road side…
We were contacted about a place to stay and offered another place by a couple of women outside a pub. The place we stayed was up quite a hill, but the host was amazing (hey Chris!). Took us out to a pub to meet people, even bought us a round, one of his mates got us a couple of free t-shirts from the Carlise Pub and had some great advice, and we met his brother and mates who had some great travel stories. As we were explaining our route, our host mentioned that he worked along the way, and offered to take our baggage to his work place to give us a few miles of unburdened walking, and even take our remaining hand cart to try and fix it up. We accepted, and when we made it there he’d even found us another hand cart to borrow until Dover! The guy was amazing. The walk along the sea wall to his workplace was not.

The next night we tried the hammocks. We gave up at around 2am due to the cold and got into our bivys.

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