Brighton UK 14.04.2012

Today felt like a really long, difficult walk. We spent a while trying to find the coast, then tried to follow it all the way figuring it would keep us off the roads. We walked along a spit of land with no bridge back across. We had to backtrack a mile to get on the right course.

Luckily we managed to make it to Brighton Pier before the final nail was hit into Arjuns carts coffin and we nearly flipped. Figuring we’d made it to the city centre, and because we didn’t want to be rude by being late for our host, we talked ourselves into getting a taxi to the place we were staying (about a mile and a half away).

Thankfully our host was fantastic, welcomed us with a beer and was sympathetic to our tiredness, though even then we were up chilling with him and his mates until 2am.



  1. haha amazing pictures – keep the good spirits up :)

  2. Jeni

    if it was straightforward it wouldn’t be as much fun! Sounds like you’re having an awesome adventure already, glad to hear you’re safe and having fun! xx

  3. Judy

    The great people you meet along the way, the sights you see and your eventual aim will help you on the way… keep your spirits up…….

  4. Debby

    no rest for the wicked!!!! love Brighton, went a few times when i was younger…….. takes you back a few years. Lovely pics lads

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